PyOoshi v0.1

Guide (Prompts & Note to mobile users)

This works best on desktop, the ui is still in the works for mobile.

Showing, not just telling, is the secret to a good prompt. Even people familiar with machine learning accustomed to chatbots and single-purpose text models can get confused by this. The API’s power is its adaptability. The key to unlocking this adaptability is in learning how to show it what you want. The API tries to guess what you want from the prompt. If type the words “Give me a list of numbers,” the AI (GPT-J-6B), wouldn’t automatically assume that you’re asking for a list of numbers. You could just as easily be asking the API to continue a conversation where the first words are “Give me a list of numbers and ensure they are miltiples of 2.” If the API only assumed that you wanted a list of numbers it wouldn’t be as good at classification or code generation

Keep it simple:

Divide A by B and store it in result
Generate the sine values from 0 to 1.
Convert input from Celcius to Farenheit
Perform a google search of what the user wants and print the top result
Print what part of the day is going on right now
Make a password generator


Your input values were (they default if not entered correctly):
Max Tokens: 40
Temperature: 0.09
Probability: 1.0